special human touch 

Our preferred company vehicle. Our aim is to produce in harmony and treat with respect
the environment and everyone who we are working with. And this beginns with the transport.


For some of our images we are producing individual objects and decorations to give a special human touch. Later in retouch we clean this up to get the right mix of perfection and handicraft. Here some examples of what we can do. From the series: "Only Kids". Production: the unknown artist studio.


For the Christmas Campaign for Vodafone the Agency came up with this graphic campaign. We elaborated these cute trees together with the creatives and gave them in retouch the desired perfection. Agency: Sra. Rushmore. Creative Directors: Rafa Otero & Esther Rozadilla. Creative Team: Carlos González & Berta Domínguez, Luis Sánchez & Pedro Oliver. Account Team: Jorge Moscat, Patricia de Ferrater, Laura Fuentes & Lara Azcárate. Production: the unknown artist studio.

The Master's Gin campaign of FCB Spain needed an authentic historic look. We created a stage and prepared a poor guitar that 

had to crack in the right way. The final retouching adding all the charm of imperfection we are likely to lose in the digital 

area. Agency: FCB Spain, Client: Varma, Client Contact: Marina Gifré & Julio Hernández, Executive Creative Director: Pedro Soler, 

Art Director: Alberto Peláez, Head of Account: Juan Ramón Ortega, Head of Strategy: Manuel López Piñeiro, Account Superviser: 

David de la Fuente, Production, Location, Casting: the unknown artist studio.


The international campaign for Cacique Ron set up a world of authentic Amazonian Indians. We got some references of the 

tribes which the agency wanted to see and then we taylored the clothes and produced all the accessories and headdresses. 

And we did a street casting to get the right people. Agency: The Farm. Client: Diageo, Chief Creative Officer: Jose María Pujol,

Head of Art: Fernando Riveros Butorovic & Iván Merlo, Art Director: Marta Herradura & Fernando Hernán. Production: the unknown

artist studio.


The Vodafone Christmas Campaign was about charming hand tailored Christmas trees. We produced them and the client liked them 

so much that after the shoot they became decoration for their offices. Production: the unknown artist studio.

Campaign for Ibizawranglers. We created for this ad a Rousseau like dschungel. Agency: Inhouse, General Director: Lucien Mooyman. Production: the unknown artist studio.


This example for Spanish television had a tight budget and timing. I captured a standard bear in different positions and put it together in retouching. Production: the unknown artist studio.


Campaign for Mercedes-Benz for the 4x4 Class M. Agency: El Laboratorio, General Creative Director: Carlos Holemans, Executive Director: Carla Roméu & Jesús Lada, Art Director: Ignacio Soria, Copy: Arturo Benlloch, Account Director: Santiago Martínez, Account Superviser: Ana Conde & Romina Martínez, Account Executive: Clara Hernangómez. Production: 
the unknown artist studio.


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