special production

Since I started my photography career I was commissioned by production companies or represented by agents who 
produce the work but as well I am producing many photographs on my own. Often this is because the creatives/client 
want a complex image that normally wouldn't be possible in terms of timing or budget.  
With my hand picked team of collaborators I am always perfectly prepared for any situation. Planning the 
whole production with the experience of more than a decade adman, foreseeing all what can go wrong before it goes 
This quality is also very welcome in that case when I am commissioned by other production companies. 
With my team, we do offer as desired the whole service from scheduling, managing the budget, casting, location-
scouting, styling, negotiating fees and releases and of course organising the shoot itself and all the post production.
We care that the production runs perfectly smooth that you can concentrate on the creative part and get only the best 
results. We deliver great visual stuff no matter if the brief is a big or a small one. We dedicate to any project 
with the same enthusiasm. We can also deliver just part of the production to complete the work of another company. 

Here are some examples of work produced by "the unknown artist studio" for different clients:

Corporate shoot/ personalized Image Bank:
We recently  photographed and produced a wide range of photos for one of the leading companies in Germany for tele
assistance ¨Die Johanniter¨. The personality we choose, the environment, how to represent the service, color, tone, light, look and feel,... everything is adjusted to the communication strategy of the client. Since all production costs are spread over 40 images, the price per image is very competitive. The client has obtained an image bank for all his communication needs transmitting exactly what he needs to communicate. Production: the unknown artist studio.


Reasonably priced Video content:
We recently shot a video of the BMX championship. With two cameras we captured loads of details and made a short video. We had to avoid interferences with the race because it was a competition and the riders could not repeat the situations for the camera. Everything was shot live. What makes this an interesting example for producing reasonably priced video of sports events. Production: the unknown artist studio.


The strength behind the unknown artist studio is its inhouse team. We combine our set building and computer 
skills with our efficient and responsive organization and we always find a very reasonable way to get best results. 
New shoot: ¨Ghost Flight¨. 
Fashion: The Vintage Showroom London,  Models: BMA Models London,  
Hair and Makeup: Daniela Dessi, Production: the unknown artist studio.


Series of content Photography for Fight Zone London, General Director: James Roach, Production of the photographs: the
unknown artist studio.

The new Master's Gin campaign of FCB Spain needed an authentic historic look. This was achieved by a well-focused

casting of models and locations and a final retouching adding all the charm we are likely to lose in the digital area.

Production: the unknown artist studio.

My new series of portraits for the Sunday Times Magazine. "The forgotten Victims." We shot alongside the annual convention of the association of thalidomide affected people and the least thing the participants had in mind was queuing up for our photographs. So we had to get close to them and organized the situation that they could feel confident to show their great personalities. We had to work very quick and spontaneous. In the end also the portrayed people were very happy with their images, what I think is very nice. Director of Photography of Sunday Times: Jon Jones, Reporter: Caroline Scott, Production of the photographs: the unknown artist studio.


This editorial was for the H-Magazine. I set up a lightning to make it more special and shot the students while training.

This is the way I use to produce content series when a more sophisticated look is desired. Production: the unknown artist studio.


Portraits of members of the St. Brides Choir from London performing the Christmas Concerts. Director: Robert Jones. Production: the unknown artist studio.


New series of content photography. For the launch of the film: "Los Heroes del Mal" the producers, Alex de la Iglesia,
Carolina Bang, Kiko Martínez, Zoe Berriatúa, asked me for a visual sum up of the three protagonists. The images get used
in all media and applications. Director of the film: Zoe Berriatúa, the protagonists: Emilio Palacios, Jorge Clemente, 
Beatriz Medina. Production of the photographs: the unknown artist studio.

3-Oliver-Haupt-LOS LOS-HEROES-DEL-MAL-FOTO-Oliver-Haupt-03-web

I created this film poster by shooting all the film actors team in small individual groups in accordance with their
availability,and composing the whole picture later. 
Production: the unknown artist studio.


The campaign for the aircraft museum needed to get the old jets to fly again. Oliver managed this without putting to risk 

anyone by retouching. Production: the unknown artist studio.


Campaign for responsable alcohol consumption. Client: Corona, Agency: JWT Madrid, Executive Creative Director: Miguel Bemfica, Creative Director: Jaime Chávarri & Juan García-Escudero, Art Director: Juan García-Escudero, Copy: Jaime Chávarri, Agency Producer: Antonio Ortega & Ana Malpica. Production: the unknown artist studio.

The international campaign for Cacique Ron set up a world of authentic Amazonian Indians. We got some references of the 

tribes which the agency wanted to see and then we taylored the clothes and produced all the accessories and headdresses. 

And we did a street casting to get the right people. Agency: The Farm. Client: Diageo, Chief Creative Officer: Jose María Pujol,

Head of Art: Fernando Riveros Butorovic & Iván Merlo, Art Director: Marta Herradura & Fernando Hernán. Production: the unknown

artist studio.


We did the complete production of these photographs for the new Rum Ritual Campaign for Spain. From the casting to the last adjustments in retouch. Client: Pernod Ricard, Product: Run Ritual, Agency: Decreativos, Team of the agency: Ricardo Martín, David Yang, Jose Antonio Madrid, Jorge Sicre, Production: the unknown artist studio. 


Casting "Look A-likes".
For the tourism board of Castilla y Leon we did a look alike casting because the actors of the last year campaign weren't available and the production couldn't wait. Agency: R*, Account Superviser: Santiago Hermida, Account Excecutive: Rocío Esteban, General Creative Director: Ricardo Esteban, Producer Agency: Virginia Sánchez, Director de Arte: Héctor Pérez, Copy: Fernando de Miguel, Production: the unknown artist studio.



The Vodafone Christmas Campaign was about charming hand tailored Christmas trees. We produced them and the client liked them so 

much that after the shoot they became decoration for their offices. Production: the unknown artist studio.


For this campaign to stop people from trafficking drugs I created the before and after in the life of the same person.
Production: the unknown artist studio.


This example for Spanish television had a tight budget and timing. I captured a standard bear in different positions and got it together in retouching. Production: the unknown artist studio.


This is not Charlie Chaplin. This is Jorge Garcia. We found him in a street casting close to our studio. We styled him like the original Charlie and did the last facial surgery in postproduction. Production: the unknown artist studio.


This art show by the M-Class I did for Mercedes Benz. Production: the unknown artist studio.


The client Fortuna asked for impossible action shots with a lot branding and a strict color code. I shot the bikes standing still and created the image in retouching. Campaign for Fortuna Racing Team. Client: Altadis S.A., Agency: Publicis Casadevall Pedreño. Production: the unknown artist studio.


Once a campaign is tested and approved it can be a mandatory to create the real photograph very, very close to the
sketch. This example shows what we did for Saatchi & Saatchi Health. The agency created with the illustrator Chema 
Bercial the sketch on the left. The production of this campaign involves a very intense search for props, casting, 
decoration and in the case of the teddy, bow and feathers the only resource was to manufacture them ourselves.
Production: the unknown artist studio.


This image was commissioned by Havas Düsseldorf. 
Executive Creative Director: Karl König, Creative Directors: Alexandros Antoniadis & Martin Venn.  
The Queen of England should morph into a monstrous wrestler. "Don't fight with your English." 
Production: the unknown artist studio.


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